Sunday, December 21, 2008

School Christmas Open House

Emma had a Christmas Open House at her school on Thursday night. The whole time she was there she made awful faces at us and acted like it was pure torture for her to have to be there. I tried to capture one of the looks on the camera, and this is the closest I got:

They also did a little program and sang a few songs. I know she knows all of the words to every song because she sings them loudly in the car and at home. However, she was barely singing and would only mumble every other word during the performance. She also refused to do any of the hand motions that they had learned. If she caught Jamey or I looking at her, she would give us a very evil look. We just laughed the whole time. Here is the finale to the program. They are singing "We Wish You a Merry Christmas". Notice how Emma refuses to look in my direction! (PS Sorry the video is sideways. I haven't figured out how to edit it to turn it around!)

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