Sunday, October 12, 2008

Delinquent Blogger!

Yes, that would be me! I know it's been a little over a month since I last posted. But I made up for it by posting what has happened between now and then all today! So read below down through the next 7 posts because they are all new! And I promise to TRY and not let it go so long before I post again. Notice how I accented the word TRY! :-)

Brazoria County Fair Parade

I took Emma to the Brazoria County Fair Parade yesterday morning. She loved watching the clowns, horses, bands, cheerleaders, floats, you name it go by. She keeps asking me when the next parade is and can we go. Afterwards we went to the Pumpkin Patch that was at the coffee house we sat in front of during the parade. I'm hoping to go back to the Pumpkin Patch sometime in the next couple of weeks to pick up some pumpkins and get some better pics of Emma. Here are a few that I got from Saturday:

Emma watching the parade go by and waving her flag:

Emma sitting and enjoying her (or actually mine!) Carmel Frappacino:
At the Pumpkin Patch:

Emma with pumpkin she picked out:

Angleton v. Pearland Dawson

Angleton played Pearland Dawson Friday night in their 2nd home game of the year. This was also the Homecoming Game. They ended up losing a nail biter in overtime. The highlight of the game though was when Willie the Wildcat walked near us in the stands, Emma actually stuck her hand out and touched his hand! I was shocked! Maybe she will be over her fear of costumes by Halloween, or it could be a long night for her! :-)

Pajama Day at School

Emma had pj day at school on Thursday. This worked out perfect for mom since she and dad both had to be at a meeting at 7:00 that morning. Emma got to get out of bed and go straight to Miss Gwen's in what she slept in. If only it could be pajama day every morning! :-)

Emma has been telling us that she "doesn't want to go to school" and "doesn't like school" on school mornings. Jamey took her to school one day a couple of weeks ago, and when the teacher asked Emma to come and join her Emma pulled away and clutched onto Jamey. When we ask her how her day at school went though, she acts like she enjoyed being there. So Jamey took off work on Thursday and met with Emma's teacher to make sure that she was participating and seeming to be enjoying herself. Her teacher said she is doing great, she participates all of the time, is the first to say answers the majority of the time and is one of her better students. She also said that Emma enjoys being a leader, rather than a follower. (Never would have guessed that one...yeah right!) So I guess her act that she puts on for us on school mornings is just an act.

Angleton v. Friendswood

Angleton's first home football game of the year was last Saturday. Emma was supposed to cheer at the beginning of the game as part of the cheerleader camp she went to this summer. Mimi, Noni and Kai came down to watch her. When we got there, however, she decided that she did NOT want to go down there and cheer. She was also concerned that Willie the Wildcat would be near her (she is deathly afraid of anything in costume!) I tried bribery, but it didn't work. So we ended up watching all of the other little girls cheer from the stands. Oh well, maybe next year. On a good note though, Angleton pulled off an upset and beat Friendswood 28-25. Go Cats Go!

Emma and Daddy after the game:

Kai and Uncle Jamey after the game:

Happy 2nd Birthday Kai!

Kai turned two on September 28th and had a "Backyardigans" themed party. Here are some pictures from the big day. We love you Kai-Guy!

Kai eating his blue cupcake (part of Pablo's face):
Emma wearing her Uniqua mask:

Picking up loot from the pinata:

Noni and Jax:


Jamey and a friend of his that he coaches football with went fishing at the mouth of the Brazos a couple of weekends ago. The brought in a haul of redfish, and even had to throw some back because they were over the limit. Here are some pics of his trip:
Jamey with his "wall hanger" (he intends to get it mounted):

The days catch:

Emma standing with the "Catch of the Day:

Hurricane Ike

We evacuated to College Station for Hurricane Ike. My sister and her family were also there, so my parents had a full house for around 5 days. Our house escaped the hurricane with minimal damage compared to a lot of people. We had tree branches down, a fence down and no electricity for 5 days, but other than that we were very lucky! We missed 5 days of school because of the storm, and haven't heard whether or not those days will have to be made up (hopefully not!). Here a couple of pics of what we did during the evacuation (College Station was spared from power outages during the storm, so we didn't have to "rough it" at all while we were there...thank the Lord!)

Emma and Kai in the balls at The Bounce:

Emma swimming with Daddy: